5 jours pour essayer avant d’acheter avec

5 jours pour essayer avant d’acheter avec

     Redefining beauty standards .

    Since our launch in 2019, our mission has been to shake up fashion codes and give women the power to reveal themselves.
    We want to
    sublimate all morphologies. Today, we offer swimwear and lingerie for women, from 34 to 48 (from A cup to G cup). A more inclusive choice, on our scale .
    Pauline, the founder, wanted to create pieces that know how to cherish diversity and variety. Pieces with bold lines, which adapt and hug all bodies. As an element of the silhouette.

    All the pieces in our sets are designed to emphasize your curves. Their assertive and thoughtful architecture gives you all the comfort, support and elegance you need.

    From 34 to 48, a bold choice.

    As a small brand, making swimwear and lingerie is a real challenge, since the shaping of these products is much more technical than that of a T-shirt. Which has a cost. Pattern-making, stretch fabric work, series heads, specific industrial machines... are all features that have an impact on the price of products, stocks and the quantity produced.

    In addition, offering a wide range of sizes requires us to produce at least 2 prototypes,
    unlike the majority of major textile brands that offer models ranging from S to L, and having only one prototype to make.

    So a double investment in product development!

    Beyond 48?

    For the launch of a brand, it is a daring bet for us to offer such a wide range of sizes since this requires a significant financial investment. Adding sizes, to our scale, is still difficult. Nevertheless, we work every day in order to be able to increase, little by little, this sample in the years to come.