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    a dream come true
    Hello ! My name is Pauline, I am 33 years old and I live in Lyon.
    Here are these few lines to introduce you to who I am and why I created Maline!

    Maline Bodywear eco-responsible swimwear and ethical lingerie

    After my studies, far from my family, I sail and I capsize for Oceania then for Asia. In Australia, I am a construction worker and I take control of the Fenwick. In India, I am getting my yoga teacher diploma. In Thailand, I learn plantar reflexology and Thai massage. Adventurer at heart, I like to get out of my comfort zone. Challenge my physical, inner and contextual balance. How ? By doing what makes me happy and giving me freedom.

    Before, during and after my escapes and my salary experiences, I am constantly bombarded by my ideas for entrepreneurial projects.

    Very sensitive to the circular economy, I want to think of everything from A to Z and it was during my last expedition to New Zealand, in 2017, that I discovered the principle of recycled fabrics from marine waste.

    Maline Bodywear eco-responsible swimwear and ethical lingerie

    “Hello, I'm made from fish nets”

    This slogan from an Australian swimwear brand resonates like an invitation to get started. "Hello, I am made from fishing nets"... I find it brilliant the idea that it is possible to include an ecological action useful to man and the planet in one of the most important industries. pollutants in the world.

    And since I couldn't find a bodywear brand that “ticks all the boxes” in my opinion, I decided to create it to participate, at my level, in a return to reality.

    From there were born the first fruits of Maline.

    I mature the project, keeping in mind to create a responsible brand, in a reasoned production logic from the yarn to the end of the product's life and inclusive!

    Highlighting different beauties, different morphologies, offering more sizes, it is the representation of the women around me and of the different cultures that I have known while traveling that is just as important to me in this project.

    I talk about it around me, to those around me, to friends of my friends and to all the women I meet! I feel that the project is generating a lot of enthusiasm.

    Very sensitive to the circular economy, I did my best to build the model in a reasoned production logic: from the yarn to the end of the product's life.

    I'm launching Maline in April 2020.

    Maline has a host of ideas in her head. And in the heart, the dream of a better world, a
    return to the real and the local.

    Maline's second skin is an ethical model, respectful of people and the environment. But also the desire to develop products in collaboration with you! Thanks to our questionnaires, to make durable, ethical and comfortable pieces for a maximum of morphologies.

    Today, we are a very small team of 2 people!

    I manage the company, developments, production, strategy, accompanied by Claire, on a work-study basis, who takes care of communication :)

    I am Maline, we are Maline!

    Maline Bodywear eco-responsible swimwear and ethical lingerie