The choice of French manufacturing to promote French know-how and participate in the revitalization of the local economic fabric.

    Made in France, a social and political choice.

    We have, like many, really become aware of the consequences of Fast Fashion in recent years.
    On April 24, 2013, the Rana Plaza building in Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh, collapsed, causing the death of 1,127 workers in the textile industry, working for international clothing brands.
    A drama that reveals the limits of this industry where the value of work is totally lost.
    Since the beginning we only manufacture in France. Because it is the best guarantee to avoid ethical and social abuses. The labor code protects the workshop workers with whom we work and the proximity allows us to visit them in order to ensure good conditions (and of course to guarantee the quality of our production). Things that we could not control with a production abroad, or much more difficult.

    Our workshops.

    For us, working and progressing together is essential, which is why we have carefully selected our manufacturing workshops with the aim of creating a long-term relationship.
    It is in Bourg-en-Bresse, in Rhône-Alpes, in Agathe's workshop that our products are made.

    Concretely, what is happening?
    1 .
    Realization of prototypes in collaboration with the workshop.

    2 .
    A first version of the product is proposed.

    3 .
    In general, modifications and improvements are made, a second version is thus presented. If everything is ok and the prototype perfectly meets our expectations, we start making it.

    4 .
    Once finished, we will collect the products directly from the workshop.

    5 .
    We pack them delicately and hop towards your mailbox.
    It is also important to remember that before our parts are made in our French workshops, many other service providers are involved throughout the production chain, particularly for our materials and supplies.

    Where do our materials and supplies come from?

    Made in France, an ecological choice.

    The desire to promote products made in France, more eco-responsible in the sense that they have not traveled more around the world in a few weeks than a person in a lifetime, that's what guides us.

    As a manufacturer in France, we are able to control our production chain but above all to considerably reduce our environmental impact linked to :


    As a committed company, we do not find it acceptable for a product to travel thousands of kilometers before arriving with us and then in your mailbox. This is why we have chosen 100% French manufacturing, from recycled materials and 100% European supplies (Italian fabric and French supplies).
    These choices significantly reduce our carbon footprint.
    Regarding delivery, it is done via road transport. With vehicles that consume fuel. However, the loading of vehicles is optimized, which makes it possible to increase the number of packages transported and to share CO2 emissions between all.
    If you choose to buy our products directly at the store, on foot, by bike or by public transport, then it's even better! Better for the planet, for us and for you because you can try on the spot and thus avoid a possible return or exchange.

    Our desire is to give products a unique value. In a world where overproduction and overconsumption is a reality,  the Fast Fashion industry provides us with textile products made on the other side of the world, at a lower cost... Perceived as "disposable" because of their low price, their poor quality and a very rapid renewal of collections, it is a real socio-environmental problem. And yes, millions of tons of clothes are thrown away every year, just in Europe…

    So what do we do?

    We manufacture quality parts, designed to last and to be kept!